2 – Trust me

I longed to move to another state. I dreamed and researched online for three years after retirement. I put my condo on the market and sold it in 6 weeks. The realtor sent me the news by email while I was visiting my son 2200 miles away for Thanksgiving.

Negotiations and documents were signed digitally. The buyer wanted me out of the home by December 23. I barely had a month to get home, pack my belongings, arrange the mover and find an apartment in another state.

My initial response was to feel overwhelmed at the task ahead of me. But the day after I officially accepted the buyer’s offer, I talked to God. I listed all the things I had to do in a short amount of time. The longer I prayed I began to feel stress leave my body. Muscles relaxed, and I started thanking God for helping me do this. I knew He was guiding my decisions, and that was all I needed.

In the weeks ahead when I began to feel anxious, I would pray silently. Repeating in my mind, “Lord, help me trust you in all things.” Some days I had to repeat that several times to keep my mind focused on Him. He supported me, and everything worked out fine.

I learned to depend on God and pray more during that difficult time. I still find strength in praying that prayer when I need help. He’s always with me.

Scripture: “Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.” Psalms 37:5 NLT

Prayer: Father, thank you for being patient when I express frustration. You have shown me more than once that I have no reason to feel stressed. I know you hear my pleas and are guiding my decisions. Help me, Lord, to trust you in all things. Amen.

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