72nd – The Sweeper

At the grocery store, the sweeper passed me three times. It is one of the newer superstores with a lot of floor to clean. The first time I passed him was in the produce section, and I smiled and said, “You can do that sweeping at my house.” I didn’t understand what he replied. Then I passed him a second time down one of the aisles, and we just nodded a greeting.

Toward the end of my shopping trip, I was at the far end of the store in the pharmacy area. I told him he ought to wear a Fitbit because he was really getting a lot of walking on his job, and it’s good for us to walk. He said something about you can walk too much. Or maybe commented you can’t walk too much. His accent and my hearing impairment had a little difficulty. We chatted a moment, and I said that I don’t realize I’ve walked too much until I sit down for a few minutes and then try to stand back up. That’s when he said in his broken English, “I pray for you before you go.” He stopped sweeping and closed his eyes to pray silently for me and then said amen. We fist bumped, and I thanked the humble man who prayed for me in the grocery store that day.

Scripture: The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. 1 Timothy 2:1 (MSG, The Message Bible)

Prayer: Loving Father, Bless the sweepers of this world who listen to you with their hearts and take advantage of every opportunity you send their way. Opportunities to speak of your mercy and grace. Opportunities to pray intercessory prayers guided by your Holy Spirit for others in need. I want to be a sweeper in this life, an humble, praying sweeper. Let others see Jesus in me. Serving you gives my earthly existence more meaning than fortune or fame could ever do. Amen.

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